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EVENT.ENGINE® is by far the most convenient, easy-to-use and innovative tool for professional guest management. EVENT.ENGINE® has been developed from the view of event planners and guests by professionals with many years of experience. EVENT.ENGINE® is enhanced with the know-how and optimisation resulting from hundreds of events.

SAFETY FIRST – Data Security

Your data is safe with us! I.e. only selected staff members have access to your data. The tool and your data are stored in strict compliance with statutory regulations on a multi-secured server in Germany and managed by qualified data security officers. Also interesting: There is no interface with the client’s IT system, because no installations or integrations are required on the part of the client.

  • Assignment of client-specific URLs accessible via any internet browser
  • Standard SSL encryption including 2048-bit certificate
  • Web server secured by firewall and virus scanner
  • PHP environment configured in accordance with the catalogue of security measures for web applications, point M390, exceptions / modifications in accordance with application
  • URL manipulation attempts are intercepted by the system (i.e. verification of hash value)
  • User passwords are secured with a hash value (bcrypt2) and 2 additional parameters
  • In the event of too many failed login attempts (number to be customised), automatic temporary lock and notification of the management
  • SQL injection prevented by prepared statements
  • SESSIONS have a limited live time and are deleted upon logout / closing of the application
  • All inputs and outputs are filtered and verified by the server, cross-site-scripting (XSS) is prevented
  • Special characters are masked, HTML injection is prevented



EVENT.ENGINE® DB – The Sophisticated Database Solution

Guest management starts with the data setup and event & guest data management long before the actual event takes place. EVENT.ENGINE® has simplified the required processes in a clear design. For example, existing data can be copied, checked and adapted. Mailing methods, guest categories, registration steps, reports, etc. can be customised.

  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • Quick setup of new events
  • Easy copying of recurring / identical events
  • Clear and convenient simultaneous management of several events
  • Online access at any time and place
  • Data import of attendee details via Excel upload
  • Data comparison and simultaneous processing
  • Easy data editing
  • Merging of guest lists with automatic duplicate checking
  • Easy processing due to intelligent categorisation
  • 100% data security (SSL encryption with 2048-bit certificate)
  • Flexible assignment of project manager rights

EVENT.ENGINE® APP – The Mobile Status Control

No matter where you are, what time of the day, or what phase of the guest management process: With EVENT.ENGINE® APP you have comprehensive, up-to-date access to the current status at all times. The APP is compatible with all available devices.

  • Real-time status reports with RSVP responses
  • Invitation of new guests using the app
  • Comprehensive guest information available wherever you go
  • Check-in status in real-time



SMART-INVITE – The Efficient Invitation Management

With EVENT.ENGINE®, you can choose the invitation method – postal or digital. The contents and design can of course be customised and also specified by guest category. Save-the-date notes, reminders and follow-up messages can be sent at any time. You, the event planner, can make flexible decisions.

  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • Flexible guest categorisation (information, services, promotions, reports, etc.) and guest management
  • Standard multi-lingual capacity, stand-alone texts and contents, easy to maintain
  • Personalised emails or RSVP responses at the touch of a button (incl. delivery control)
  • Setup of event-specific features and designs
  • Real-time status reports including RSVP responses, also via smartphone app
  • Massive reduction of communication and operational efforts during the accreditation phase

EASY-REGISTRATE – The Smart Registration Process

EVENT.ENGINE® makes it as easy and convenient as possible for the guest, providing maximum flexibility as well as competent and easy-to-understand guidance throughout the registration process.

  • Flexible and location-independent RSVP via 24/7 online access
  • Responsive accreditation website in your event and corporate design
  • Easy login via the QR code on the RSVP letter
  • Language choices for the guest (customisable, any number of languages)
  • Reliable contact details – checked and updated directly by the guest
  • Multiple login feature for editing by the guest
  • Automated, personalised confirmation email including electronic ticket, mobile e-ticket and diary entry

EventEngine_Akkreditierung Kopie

EventEngine_Seating Kopie

COMFORT SEATING – The Flexible Seat Allocation Management

Would you like to allocate seats to your guests – be it for 50 or 50,000 guests? For partial areas only, various venues / individual blocks, etc.? Not a problem for our seating engine, where every location can be viewed.

  • Easy seat configuration (whether for 10 tables or an event arena for 50,000 people)
  • Convenient overview of the current occupancy status
  • Flexible seat allocation by dragging & dropping from the guest list onto the seating plan
  • Online access at any time and place
  • Changes can be easily made before “doors open”
  • Multiple check-ins to prevent no-shows

SPEED-CHECK-IN – The Quick Accreditation Process

With EVENT.ENGINE®, you will NEVER AGAIN experience: Long queues, annoying waiting times and complicated searches of long lists. EVENT.ENGINE®, trained personnel, friendly hostesses and functional technology ensure the necessary security and provide the highest level of convenience for guests as well as the best possible status overview for event managers.

  • Networked accreditation at the stations (no alphabetical allocation required)
  • Accreditation from anywhere within the shortest timeframe
  • No internet connection required
  • Crash-proof
  • Easy scanning of electronic tickets or mobile e-tickets
  • Maximum convenience for guests
  • Check-in status in real-time
  • Occupancy / location status in real-time
  • Flexible seat re-allocation during check-in phase



PERSONAL TICKET – The Error-free Admission Ticket

During the EVENT.ENGINE® accreditation process, each guest receives an individual, personalised ticket including all the relevant details and authorisations – i.e. no extra “wristband” is required for the after party!

  • Instant printout of venue or seat tickets on-site
  • Relevant guest information printed on the ticket (seating information, VIP, shuttle, after party, etc.)
  • Customised ticket design based on your event and corporate design
  • High level of customer loyalty

Follow UP & EVALUATION – The Individual Feedback

Successful and sustainable event and guest management does not stop at the completion of the event. EVENT.ENGINE® enables you to communicate further with your clients, for example in the form of thank you notes, certificates of attendance, event surveys, provision of event contents for download etc. or for the event manager, an evaluation of the event and if required, preparation of data for a subsequent event.

  • Setup and evaluation of various activities (thank you notes, surveys etc.)
  • Preparation of the event history
  • Upload of photo galleries, videos on the home page
  • Preparation of reports and evaluations