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Our promise to you – what’s important to us!

You only have 35 seconds? Ok!

RELIABILITY – You rely upon us, we rely upon you.
TRUST – You trust us, we trust you.
APPRECIATION – You appreciate us, we appreciate you.
CREDIBILITY – We believe you, you believe us.
SECURITY – of your data and your processes.
CREATIVIY – always the best for your project.
LOVE – your guest – we do, too!
That’s why we have developed the most innovative guest management tool, the EVENT.ENGINE®!

Have you got three more minutes?

Love your guest – taking these words seriously covers everything we have to say.

The whole world is constantly talking about customer touch points. The first touch point is the most important one, namely the actual meeting with the customer during an event or your live communication. The “face-to-face meeting” – the “facing one another”, the “presence in the same room”, the “mutual exchange and talking”, the real experience of your brand.

The word “SOCIAL” in our name stands for our unambiguous focus on facilitating the perfect experience for people – your guests, within the framework of guest management. For this reason, we have developed our guest management tool, the EVENT.ENGINE®, which provides you with unprecedented opportunities of communication with your guests and above all, a high level of security for your project management. “SOCIAL” also stands for a close, cooperative collaboration with you, and “SOCIAL” with a view of supporting your guests as perfectly as they deserve it.

“Love your guest” was the guiding principle throughout the development process – and flows into each of our customer projects. You need a reliable system: You need to trust your technology, our experience and know-how; you want to appreciate your guests to the highest degree! This is how we see it, too – and therefore, we have readdressed the issue of guest management from scratch and reconstructed it in a contemporary way developing a new, most innovative engine. This is what “CREATIVE” means to us – processing guest management issues with Excel and outdated tools is one thing … adapting the guest management process to the needs of guests AND event planners as well as providing and guaranteeing the best technically feasible outcome is the other thing!

Here is our promise: To transform the first and most important customer touch point into an innovative and perfect guest experience.

Because we love your guest, too!