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We are not an event agency in the traditional sense but rather an agency for participant management and guest organisation. We focus on smart and successful, high-end guest management for your event. We endeavour to be your top partner in this field. This aim, however, does not end with the topic of guest management; it also extends across the development of conceptual, creative scenarios making your brand an experience within the framework of your event.


  • Innovative, intuitive and self-explanatory
  • Extremely easy-to-use despite its complexity
  • Time, personnel and cost-effective
  • Error and risk-minimising
  • Simultaneous management of any number of events
  • Layout in your event/corporate design
  • Highest security standards
  • Easy-to-maintain, multi-lingual capacity
  • Real-time reporting at all stages
  • 4-second check-in
  • Advanced technology at the highest standard
  • Time savings of up to 80%

Who needs us?

We are THE partner for event planners and decision makers intending to organise any type of event – in a professional, highly efficient and resource-effective manner.
For example, events in the areas of business, politics, entertainment, sports and culture – in particular galas, premieres, award ceremonies, road shows, fashion shows, exhibitions, congresses, private functions, training events, corporate functions, press conferences and annual general meetings. Whether you invite 50 or 50,000 people, whether you plan for one event, twenty events or a series of events.

Your Contacts

Every one of us has inter-disciplinary skills, which they contribute to a committed team – empowered by visions and ideas.

Christian Knobling

Managing Director

Christian is our multi-talent and the man for our creative work. With his degree as an Industrial Designer and experience in the areas of corporate architecture and corporate & communication design he has lived his creativity to the max. Nowadays, he is responsible for the interface design, development of contents and creative concepts, as well as consulting services regarding the guest management tool. When he is not busy with all of this, he walks his dog 7even along the river Isar.

“For me, successful live communication means the creation of emotional links between brands and consumers – and this begins with guest management.”

Marc Winter

Managing Director

Marc – our brain – knew straight after completing his degree in Engineering Science with a major in Informatics that he was not meant to be a nerd. Therefore, he signed up as a Project Manager in sports marketing and guest management. The great, big world of events became his stage. His unbroken passion for numbers, systemisation, technology and the know-how of many years in guest management now flow into the development of our guest management tool, his main responsibility as the Senior Developer and Consultant.

“My aspiration: Guest management with the highest level of convenience for the event planner and the guest. Intuitive technology which inspires to plan and work with it.”

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